Argan Oil Benefits for Skin

1. Anti-Aging

Argan oil gives Skin a youthful glow and reduces the visibility of wrinkles. The anti-oxidant present in the oil makes it ideal anti-aging product. Argan Oil acts as an effective moisturizer & leaves skin feeling plumper and softer.

2. Skin Moisturizer

Argan Oil is commonly used as a skin moisturiser. Its high content of vitamin E (twice as much as Olive Oil) and fatty acid makes it a prefect product to give your skin a natural boost. Argan oil absorbs quickly and is not greasy. It can be used all over the body including face and neck.

3. Dry Skin Conditions

Argan Oil contains high level of vitamin E and fatty acids which are excellent for repairing dry, damaged skin. If you are suffering from eczema which can leave skin raw, flaky and itchy, Argan oil can be of immense help. It repairs dry, damaged skin and provides the skin with nutrients which will prevent further dryness and irritation.

4. Acne

Acne is often caused due to oily skin. Argan oil absorbs quickly and is non- greasy, it soothes afflicted skin and promotes healing. Argan oil provides skin the natural moisture which helps in healing and reduces acne. Also reduces scars caused by acne.

5. Pregnancy

Argan oil is the ideal product to deal with stretch marks. Vitamin E present in the oil increases the elasticity of skin which heals, reduces & prevents stretch marks from appearing.

6. Lip Moisturiser

Lips become sore, dry & cracked in cold and dry weather. Argan Oil provides natural moisture to the lips which keeps them soft, plump and supple.