1. What is Argan Oil?
    Argan oil is natural oil extracted from the argan nut found exclusively in Morocco.
  2. Is your Argandrops Oil 100% pure and organic?
    Absolutely, our Argandrops oil is 100% pure & organic.
  3. What are the uses for Argandrops Oil?
    Argandrops oil provides all day long moisture for all skin and hair types.
  4. Who can use Argandrops?
    Anyone! Our Moroccan Argan oil products will work wonders on all skin and hair types
  5. How is cosmetic Argan oil used?
    Argan oil can be directly applied to the skin and hair.
    For skin: a few drops can be rubbed into the face and neck, where it is absorbed immediately into the skin. Argan oil can be mixed with other cosmetics products like lotion, creams etc.
    For hair: Apply to hair after shampoo as a leave in treatment or use as pre-wash treatment by applying at least 30 minute before shower.
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  6. How long do your products last? What’s the shelf life?
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