What is Argan Oil ?

Agran Oil is “Healing Liquid Gold” produced from the kernels of the Argan tree, which is known throughout the Berber state in Morocco as the “Tree of Life.”

Argan Oil now virtually only found in the Argan forest of South West Morocco, a tiny area in the context of the world.

Pure Argan oil is celebrated for everything from soothing skin, redness to curing rheumatism and more.

before_and_after_wrinkle before_and_after_wrinkle

Argan Oil's popularity is not only credited to the sworn statements of the people of Morrocco who have been using it for centuries. Scientific research and the studies have proven these claims to be true as well. when this oilwas tested in variuos laboratories outside of Morrocco. Scientiest were able to discover its true value. Highly rich in vitamine E&F, fatty acids, squalene, antioxidants, carotene, phytosterols, and phenolic compounds, Argan oil was clinicaly tested and proven to be quite miraculous indeed.

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" Argan Drops"

"Argan Drops" source oil from the finest and each batch is ECO certified in Morrocco and then re-tested in as ISo 9001 certified from laboratory,This ensures that we supply you with only pure and high quality organic Argan OIl. "Argan Drops" is all natural 100% organic and chemical free. It has incredibly high concentration of vitamine E (twice as much as Olive Oil), antioxidants, carotenoids, polyphenols and fatty acids including Omega 3, 6 and 9.

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids are necessary fats that humans cannot synthesize and which must be obtained through diet or skin treatments such as Argan Ultra Argan oil. The essential fatty acids are the building compounds the body needs to manufacture and repair cell membranes, enabling the cells to obtain optimum nutrition and expel harmful waste products. They are necessary for regulating healthy skin and premature aging. These acids also perform a vital role in lipid management of the epidermis, sebum production, and are required for the formation of prostaglandin. They all have water-binding, moisturizing and antioxidant properties.


A class of natural fat-soluble pigments found in plants that serve to protect eyes and skin from UV radiation and free radical damage; to help maintain our immune system; to promote healthy skin and inhibit the growth of cancer cells. They have been shown to lower the risk of arthritis. The class of carotenoids found in Argan Oil is xanthophyll which functions as an antioxidant and assists in creating vitamin A in the small intestine and stored in the liver. Carotenoids also protect the arteries and heart using their antioxidant properties to help inhibit the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, the “bad cholesterol”, which can lead to build up of plaque in the arteries.

Ferulic Acid

The most abundant phenolic compound found in Argan Oil. This antioxidant has many health benefits – it can prevent skin damage caused by ultraviolet light and therefore is often added as an ingredient of anti-aging supplements

Sterols (Phytosterols)

A class of lipid-like compounds that help to prevent skin aging and reduce inflammation. Sterols promote excellent moisture retention, penetrate quickly and are considered vital to the structural integrity of the cell membrane. These compounds are the main component of the outermost layer of the skin and play a fundamental role in aiding and maintaining optimal skin barrier function.

Vitamin E (Tocopherol)

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin. It is a powerful antioxidant and excellent free-radical scavenger. Vitamin E prevents cellular aging due to oxidation, aids in bringing nourishment to cells, and decreases inflammation and strengthens capillary walls. It has been shown to significantly help in the reduction of scarring from wounds and the appearance of stretch marks.


A lipid compound derived enzymatically from essential fatty acids within the cell. Prostaglandin is a natural anti-inflammatory and acts as a controlling factor in overall cell growth and development.


A nutrient-rich oil involved in the process of cell growth. It is able to penetrate deeper and more readily than most other oils. Its compatibility with skin lipids can be attributed to the fact that human sebum, the skin’s own moisturizer, is comprised of 25% squalene. This oil has been proven to have a positive effect on both mature and rosacea skin and because of its natural bactericide and healing properties has shown to aid in the management of dermatitis and skin cancer. Squalene can also deactivate the free radical known as a singlet oxygen which is generated by exposure to the sun’s UV radiation.


Natural components of a wide variety of plants and are also known as secondary plant metabolites. These active compounds are known for their antiseptic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, and anti-aging properties. They enhance immune response, enhance cell-to-cell communication, repair DNA damage caused by smoking and other toxic exposures, and assist the body to detoxify carcinogens through the activation of the body’s immune system.



ARGANDROPS is commonly used as a skin moisturiser to hydrate and soften skin. With its high vitamin E and fatty acid content, Argandrops is the ideal product to give skin a natural boost.



ARGANDROPS is proven to make hair softer, silkier and shinier. It is the ideal hair conditioner, and it can even help to treat split ends and tame frizzy hair.




ARGANDROPS softening properties are ideal for brittle nails, dry hands & cracked, hard skin on feet. It moisturises & softens skin, leaving hands and feet supple & soft & nails strong and healthy.

What our clients have to say

  • “I am not into writing reviews but I am so impressed with argandrops, so I thought why not do it this time. I had bleached my hair and after few day I could see the harsh effects of it which left my hair all dry, frizzy & damaged. I started using argandrops & after my first application itself I could feel that my hair was smoother that before. Within 10 days time my frizzy texture got better. I love this product. It leaves my hair shiny and healthy looking.”

    Sheetal Chaturvedi
    Sheetal Chaturvedi
  • “I like argandrops oil because there are so many uses of this 1 product. I use it for skin & dry heels, nails, hair basically for your entire body. I like this product very much.”

    Kushboo Rai
    Kushboo Rai
  • “I have spent tons of money on all types of conditioning treatments, moisturizers and what not but as they say nothing is like natural. Argandrops is 100% organic I can vouch for it because of the results I have go & its smell would make you believe that. ”

    Fatima Ali Mohammad
  • "I ordered Argandrops argan oil few weeks back. It works wonder on my skin. Initially I was hesitant to buy it due to the price but trust me it worth every single penny. I would definitely recommend argandrops oil."

    Ankita Patel
  • "My hair was damaged due to regular chemical treatments. I started using argandrops oil within few days i could feel my hair getting smoother. I love argandrops oil."

    Kiran Rai